A Functional Quadcopter created with the Voxel8 Developer's Kit 3D Printer

Functional Materials for
Additive Manufacturing

Voxel8 is disrupting the design and manufacture of electronic devices by providing new functional materials for additive manufacturing. We are leveraging over a decade of research from the Lewis Group at Harvard University to bring to market advanced materials that help our industrial partners manufacture high performance, customized products.



Developer's Kit 3D Printer

Early access to Voxel8's advanced materials capabilities is available with the Developer's Kit 3D Printer. The Developer's Kit enables prototyping of 3D electronic devices via co-printing of thermoplastics and a highly conductive silver ink. Our silver ink can be printed and cured at room temperature and is 5000x more conductive than conductive pastes and filaments currently used in additive manufacturing.




Silver Interconnects between the Quadcopter Motors and PCB.


New Materials, New Capabilities

Rapidly design novel devices using our highly conductive silver ink. 3D antennas, connectors, and transducers can be fabricated in ways that were previously impossible. Eliminate wire harnesses by replacing them with 3D traces. Design the electronics to fit your part, rather than designing the part around your electronics.